Posted by: Caroline | February 3, 2010

Curry in Cape Town

Cape Town is light and breezy in both weather and attitude. I love it here. It’s extremely international, which means it has amazing food. I think everyone knows how much I love curry…

After our 11 hour flight,  we felt like zombies so tried to regain some life with the Tanzanian fish curry at African Image cafe. Our server wore a Barack Obama apron (for sale next door).

The next day we headed up (I mean really up) to a viewpoint of the waterfront (see picture at top of this blog) and nearby Table Mountain and Lion’s Head (below).

On the way up, we passed through a neighborhood called Bo-Kaap, home to some famous Cape Malay cuisine–and lots of fun, colorful buildings.

We ducked into a suspicious looking building right next to a butcher’s, but it ended up being much less creepy than it seemed. We had the bobotie, which is kind of like a curry flavored meatloaf (ground meat with egg baked on top) in a bed of rice.

Because we will be entering Mozambique after South Africa, we needed to obtain a pricey visa (the consulate clerk asked us where we were from and almost laughed when we said the U.S.–he knew we were about to fork over more money than we wanted). Getting the visa required a bit maneuvering (racing through the center of the city to transfer bank funds on a time limit), but I think that is a good preview of what is to come as we hop from country to country. To reward ourselves, we sample some of Mozambique’s cuisine: vegetable and chicken curry.


  1. Looks delicious! Sorry I missed you before you both skipped town. Glad you made it down there well and can’t wait to keep up with all of the travels. Keep updating!

  2. Who is the girl whose photo pops up next to my comment?

  3. So glad you arrived safely! Everything looks great so far! Keep us posted and safe travels!


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