Posted by: Caroline | March 14, 2010

Just a Note

After weeks of suffering through Internet speeds that would drive any person mad, we are again in Johannesburg and able to churn out blog posts (thanks Karen!). We have five new ones posted, tracing our journey through southern Malawi to Zimbabwe. We hope that’s enough material to keep you reading for a while, because we are flying to Ethiopia today and hear the speed there is slower than anything we have yet experienced. Can you imagine??? We will be there for two weeks, and hopefully after that we can get to some Internet cafes with photo uploading capabilities.

It is always so exciting to get feedback on our blog, so we would like to thank all of our readers and commenters. Even though dealing with African Internet can be trying at times, the positive reactions to our posts make it all worth it. We do savor each one, even if we don’t individually respond. Thank you!


  1. Wonderful stuff, Caroline! And terrific writing. Keep all your senses open and keep reporting! I’m there with you.

  2. This reads like a novel! Although, I will admit, I’ve been reading your novel backwards haha! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  3. Caroline- please tell us more!! I periodically check in just to see the amazing photos you’ve posted- – but am really hanging on to read what’s been happening since March 14th!!

    I love that you are on this journey and sharing it with us…

  4. Really enjoying the writing and the pix. Glad we met in Vic Falls and really enjoying the blog

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