Posted by: Alex MacGregor | April 11, 2010

Old Town İstanbul

With Cairo behind us, we were sadly all finished with the African continent and off to the polished travelling, sophıisticated cities, and modern comforts of Europe. Okay, I know what you’re thinking–Turkey isn’t what comes to mind when people think of modern, sophisticated Europe.

But it should be!

Central İstanbul, partıcularly around an area called Sultanahmet, could easily pass for Barcelona or Cologne. It has endless restaurants, nice hotels, and picturesque shops geared towards tourists, and it’s all laid along pleasant, cobbled roads with handsome Ottoman architecture.

İstanbul’s location at the intersection of the Mediterranean and Black Seas allows for lots of great panoramic views across water.

The train station on the European sıde.

İstanbul’s main University

If you find yourself a bit too comfortable and familiar in the tourist area, you can always head to one of the massive, colorful bazaars on the fringes of the tourist area.

The Grand Bazaar…largest of them all!

The aptly named Spice Bazaar.

We apparently got very lucky with the time of year we chose to come. Sping is here and flowers are in full bloom, especially the huge beds of tulips planted all over the city!

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