Posted by: Caroline | April 26, 2010

Albania’s Adriatic Coast

After crossing five borders in two weeks, we were ready for a break from frenzied traveling. So with burek (a Balkan savory pastry) in hand, we boarded a bus to Albania’s beaches.

We decided to stay just outside of the port city of Vlore in Hotel Liro, built into the rocks so prominent along the Adriatic coastline.

Just minutes away from the azure waters are these concrete monstrosities. Unfortunately beachside development proceeds unchecked.

We tried to make the most of an unfortunate rainy afternoon by walking most of the 5 pothole-ridden kilometers to the city center. We rode this city bus the rest of the way, which plodded along the main drag not too much faster than our walking pace. At least we got to sit down?

The next morning was rain-free, but the waves remained intense.

All in all, a lovely place to refuel for our next stop: climbing the mountains of Llogoraja National Park.


  1. Awesome pictures of the sea!

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