Posted by: Caroline | April 30, 2010

Budva in Transition

We had plans to skip over the coastal town of Budva entirely, but so many locals along the way gushed over the place that we amended our plans to include at least a few hours in this reputed Montenegrin paradise. When we mentioned that we were headed for Kotor, the Montenegrins we met responded identically: ”Oh, Kotor is a nice place. But Budva is my favorite!”

But I’m sorry to say that it seems the glory days of this beachside town have faded.

It’s a nice enough place to spend a few hours, with stone city walls enclosing pretty churches and providing a vantage point over the waters below.

But the rampant development just outside the rebuilt stone walls (the originals were destroyed in an earthquake) detracts from the old city atmosphere…

… not to mention those millionaire yachts. Somehow I just cant relax when I’m standing in front of something so expensive.

To be fair, the cloudy day and a long morning of travel affected our experience here. I can see why many people we talked to love the place; it’s a fine beach to spend a weekend if you want your fish dinner by the sea after a day of swimming, lounging, and ogling yachts.

And even though this isnt a place that interests me, I’m glad we saw it–so that I could appreciate gorgeous, awe-inspiring Kotor that much more!


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