Posted by: Alex MacGregor | May 25, 2010

Out Comes The Sun

On our last day in Gimmelwald, we finally had some great weather to see the Lauterbrunnen Valley!

Gimmelwald from above

Since we were a bit tired from two days jam-packed with hiking, so we decided to stroll around in the meadows and relax for the day.

The areas a bit higher above Gimmelwald turn into ski resorts in the winter. In the summer, they make for a great place to wander around.

Crazy ski rules

We hiked to the foot of the Schilthorn, which Caroline climbed up on her previous visit. More than a vertical mile up from Gimmelwald!

The meadows also have a great panoramic views!

We also checked out the nearby town of Murren, where old houses such as these sit next to ski chalets.

Unfortunately, Murren was still more or less a ghost town. I guess May is much to early to enjoy potato pancake in this eatery.

If you’re desperate for some food, you can indulge in some overpriced Chinese food. The prices don’t look that bad…

…until you compare them with the pictures! Keep in mind a Swiss Franc is worth practically a Dollar with today’s crazy exchange rates.

Murren is a great example of the Swiss obsession with getting public transportation into every nook and cranny of the country. Trains manage to reach the town, perched a half mile above the valley floor below!

From Murren you get a completely different view of the valley.

You even get a glimpse of the infamous Eiger!

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