Posted by: Alex MacGregor | September 6, 2011

A Couple Hours in Phoenix

Traveling can take you to all sorts of fantastic places. It also ends up sending you through some places you wouldn’t make a huge effort to get to: Sofia, Bulgaria, perhaps, or Milan, Italy. We consider Phoenix part of the second category.

Nonetheless, we like to explore everywhere we go and get a feel for the local culture, so we spent a few hours exploring Phoenix. Our first stop was the library, which we heard is one of the city’s most impressive sights.

Instead, a confusing web of surface streets and rail lines led us to this building that is apparently this history museum (unfortunately closed), where we just decided to park and make our way to the library on foot.

We were most impressed by the extensive foreign language section!

View of downtown from the library.

The outside of the library as seen from the adjacent park. The park wasn’t what I would call a welcoming place; instead, we got the feeling the few people hanging out there simply were waiting for us to leave so they could get back to doing whatever they were doing before we came. And on that note, we decided to check out downtown…

Most of downtown Phoenix looks just like this: lots of glass office towers. It’s certainly clean and shiny.

We did notice a couple of pleasant, historic buildings, but nothing like the character of Prescott.

We decided to take in a baseball game at Chase Field.

I’ve gotta say, the Diamondbacks have a nice gameday atmosphere around the stadium, with lots of shops and bars. It’s no Fenway, but it definitely beats the sea of surface lots surrounding the stadium in Atlanta!


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