Posted by: Caroline | August 5, 2012

Trinidad (Not the Island)

Eight hours after boarding the bus in Viñales, we arrived in the quaint colonial city of Trinidad.

Walking its streets was the most pleasant part–barring the incessant offers of taxis, horses, and cigars.

At the top of the historical museum, we got great views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

The museum.

Although the in-town experience was fairly trying–with all the horse offers, Alex and I talked about making a shirt with a horse inside of a “no” symbol–we wandered into a much more pleasant (though falling apart) neighborhood on the hill.

The torrential rains we experienced in Viñales kept coming in Trinidad, turning the cobbled streets into minor rivers.

In all that rain, we desperately tried to find something to eat on a peso budget (we had run out of CUC and the change bureaus were closed for the day). For some reason, lots of eateries are closed on Tuesday nights, so we settled for some pizza sold out of someone’s home.

Breakfast at the casa made up for our hunger from the previous night!

The casa also had two gorgeous terraces where we spent time reading and talking to the other 2 guests, a British brother and sister who we had also stayed with in Viñales.


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