Posted by: Caroline | May 23, 2013

Vancouver BC

If you’ve mentioned Vancouver to someone who’s visited, you’ve probably noticed the wide-eyed, dreamy response you get. “VANCOUVER!” they’ll gush. “It’s BEAUTIFUL!” And it really is. The fairy-tale mountains rising above glassy water right next to gorgeously modern high rises would be enough to enchant anyone. But the international flair (especially the food!) and Canadian spirit (really, everyone is painfully courteous–Atlanta drivers, take note) cement it as a worthy travel destination.


The convention center looks over the harbor.

convention center view

convention center caro

convention center bald eagle

Believe it or not, I had to go to Canada to experience my first sighting of our national bird (outside of a zoo).

convention center1

convention center3

convention center totem

Totem pole inside the convention center.

convention center port

Is any post of ours complete without a nod to transportation logistics? Shipping containers!

train station

The train station.

west end 2

A market in West End, the neighborhood where we stayed.







The Gastown district is a fun place to walk around…

gastown boutique dog

… and spot a sweater-clad dog in a boutique.


grantville mall

stanlet park boats

Vancouver’s crown jewel is the 1,000-acre Stanley Park.

stanley park 2

Beaver Lake is a serene spot that quickly makes you forget about downtown.

stanley park 4

stanley park bridge

View of Lions Gate Bridge from the park.

stanley park equestrian

A considerate division.

stanley park2

stanley park3

stanley prospect point rabies

Watch out for rabies.

stanley prospect point2

Prospect Point is worth the hike.

stanley prospect point3

expensive houses

Although Vancouver always ranks well on livability lists, you better have wide pockets to live there. Whether it’s a neighborhood home…

high end construction

… or pricey new construction …

high end construction 2

… living by the fairy-tale mountains requires a similarly unreal amount of cash.

japanese food

Vancouver is replete with Asian cuisine options, so we decided to try something new: izakaya, which is like Japanese tapas. That baked pumpkin roll stuffed with egg was worth every Canadian cent. This popular but low-key spot even offered us blankets on this chilly night. We were so inspired that we checked out Atlanta’s izakaya restaurant (definitely not low-key–and no blankets).

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