Posted by: Caroline | May 27, 2010

An Unfashionable Return

This is a sad post because, as the blog title indicates, Milan is our final stop in the biggest adventure of our lives thus far.

Despite the fact that the rain wanted to visit the European design hub with us, we still managed to enjoy Milan. Below are several photos of its streets.

What a bank!

“Fashion capital of the world” is a well-earned title. Everyone looks effortlessly chic, whether they’re stopping for an espresso or walking past Prada shops. After nearly fourteen weeks on the road (and often a very dusty road at that), my clothes were no match for the luxurious fabrics and glamorous cuts of Milan’s styles.

These price cards displayed with the mannequins are a lovely courtesy to window shoppers; it helps mere mortals, such as myself, see that “window” is the only type of shopping I’ll be doing in this city.

But who needs designer clothes, really, when you have this breathtaking cathedral nearby?

Inside the Duomo. Beyond the gorgeous interior, there are also several entertaining informational boards that manage to get a few digs in at Protestantism.

Soon that dreadful time came to drive to the airport. We boarded this shuttle bus to Linate at 5:30am–not a great time, but still a far cry from the 4am boarding times we experienced in Africa!

Linate airport

An actual safety sign posted for the Linate airport escalator. Just forget lawsuits if you get hurt on this thing, because whatever you were doing is probably banned on this sign.

Our flight landed in Frankfurt, where we spent a few hours terrorizing the duty-free shops (I am guilty of trying the tester fragrances with no intention of buying) and picking out the most adorable German words we could find. I think “babywickelraum” wins.

Then it was time to head back to the Atlanta airport where all of this started three and a half months ago. Although I was sad to be leaving behind the exotic life of a traveler, I thought at least life will be a bit easier in America. Not so; immigration was apparently shifting to a new system that day (how lucky are we?), so my first few hours in America were some of the most frustrating of the whole trip! Oh, well. Still good to be home.


  1. What a super, fantastic, unbelievable trip–I’m so thrilled you both had these spectacular experiences. Thanks for sharing them with us. It was so much fun to see it and read about it. And we are so very glad you two are home!

  2. Caroline,

    I have enjoyed the writing (both of you) as much as the pictures. I did some long trips in my youth, and the end days were very sad. Not so on this trip, I was so exhausted (mentally and physically after 10 months) that the good ole USA was a real treat.

    That being said, the border control people tore me and my stuff apart and made me miss my last flight. Ironic that the land of the free was the worst border of a global trip.

  3. Hey you two! We loved the blog storiies and photos. Welcome home!

  4. […] through some places you wouldn’t make a huge effort to get to: Sofia, Bulgaria, perhaps, or Milan, Italy. We consider Phoenix part of the second […]

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